Rental Rules

As with any rental there are a few things you need to know:

Feel free to call 614-579-0088 with any questions




Dumpsters on Wheels recycles as much as possible.  We can even recycle asphalt shingles.

We do offer an extensive recycling service it is above and beyond the normal dumpster service.  It does cost extra but your entire load can be sorted and the recyclable items removed and recycled.  If you are serious about recycling, please ask about this service.

All our dumpsters are trailer based (dumpsters on wheels). Unlike roll off dumpsters that can gouge your driveway or lawn, these dumpsters are driveway safe.

Most rentals are for 3 days.

Material must be level with the top of the container, nothing can be sticking out of the top.

No tires can be placed in the dumpster, but we can help you get rid of them, just ask.

recycle tires

Tires at a recycle center


Very heavy items like dirt, rock, concrete, brick, asphalt and slate are generally not allowed due to weight limits of the dumpsters. But we can make special arrangements to haul these items, just ask.

Unacceptable Materials:

Hazardous waste, dirt, rock, concrete, slate, asphalt, brick, industrial waste, chemical products, herbicides & pesticides, radioactive material, solvents, paint (except dried latex paint cans, no liquids), other flammable liquids, aerosol cans, propane tanks, motor oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, oil filters, contaminated oils (mixed with solvents, gasoline, etc.), antifreeze, appliances, petroleum-contaminated soil/lead paint chips, railroad ties, medical waste, asbestos, animal carcasses, barrels and all liquids.


landfill fire

Landfill fire. Please no Hazardous or flammable liquids